Sunday, December 11, 2005

Too Many Supernumerary Nipples

As I've posted earlier, superfluous nipples don't always appear in the same place on a person's body. The most common place for a third nipple to show itself is a few centimeters below (and a little toward the center) a regular nipple.

For easy reference, many medical journals include diagrams or photographs illustrating various cases. However, the reference I just found is a little odd.

I suppose they did it in the interest of saving space and amalgamating information, but the Virtual Hospital's page showing extra nipple locations has decided to place as many as possilbe on one figure.

Naturally, this makes it appear as though these poor people are suffering from chicken pox, not superfluous nipples.

Yikes. That looks kinda freaky to me. And besides, I doubt that woman on the left could move in a cold breeze -- she'd just perk up solid and fall over.