Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Three Nipples in Tibetan Culture

In Tibetan tradition, an extra nipple can be a good omen!

Three nipples, and other birthmarks, are sometimes indicators of special abilities within the nyingma (ancient) tradition.

Birthmarks and third nipples were a sine qua non (absolutely necessary) condition to prove extraordinary visionary destiny within the tulku (incarnation or rebirth) system.

I'm not making this up, either -- a very kind Tibetan (is there any other type?) named Panchen Kunga (he writes a blog, in French, called Buddhistan at passed this on to me after visiting.

And after hearing how important extra nipples are in Tibetan culture, I figure that's just another reason to loathe the murderous scum that make up the Chinese Communist Party and have been butchering innocent Tibetans for over 50 years now.