Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Four nipples for Masuimi Max

Because it's been pointed out to me by several people in the know (and loyal readers of this blog, natch), I'd be remiss if I didn't post about another famous person with more than two nipples.

Masuimi Max, an, ahem, "model," doesn't just have three nipples, she's got four!

Now you'd think that it'd be easy to find a photo showing all four nipples, right? Especially considering that the standard two are all over the place...

Well, I've looked at dozens of photographs of the scantily-clad Ms. Max (tough work, being a blogger) and here's a mostly-clothed Masuimi showing off one of her extra nipples, just above and closer to the shoulder. The fourth nipple is symmetrically positioned on the opposite side.

Even the best pics I could find only show one extra. Maybe I should pay for membership on her website to find a clear shot of all four... they do promise a massive members-only photo gallery... all in the name of research, of course.


Nubin said...

goodness gracious!!
she's hot!
man i wanna look just like her when i get older
the extra nipples make her even hotter.


Perla said...

you can tell she's wearing a push-up bra, but anyways,lol,i myself have four nipples. my husband never realized that until he saw me in the shower, but he didn't even care, it didn't bother him at all. having two extra nipple is normal to me but its easy to hide them, lol. mine are just like this model here, in the armpit area.