Friday, September 14, 2007

DJ "accidentally" removes third nipple

A moment of silence, please, for an extra nipple that's gone to a better place...
Jo Whiley has gone under the knife to have a third nipple removed.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ thought she was having a large mole cut off near one of her breasts.

But she says she was shocked when her doctor told her it was actually a mini nipple reports The Sun.

She said: "My husband has nicknamed me Scaramanga, after the James Bond baddie who also had three. Strange. On Monday I had three nipples, today I've got two."
Oh my word, I feel for your loss. I'd imagine it's how a telepath would feel if they suddenly lost all their mental powers. I'm glad your husband is sticking by you, now that you've got one less nipple.

Be warned, though: sometimes people who've undergone amputations report feeling in their non-existent limbs... the "phantom limb" phenomena.

If you feel it perking up on a chilly day, just try to remember the good times. We're there for you.

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Anonymous said...

I found out about thrid nipples recently from wikipedia. When I read about the mole bit, I knew I had a mole and TADA it really was a thrid nipple, a few inches below my left breast. Just to test things out I told my mother, thinking she'd at least be amused... I am NEVER telling anyone about my secret third nipple! Never EVER!! She took it badly. very badly. But it's good to know not everyone has such bad luck :D - from a person who got called a fucking freak by their mother but after finding this website is relieved!