Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh Fee...

Big ups to Mike, Jon, Page, and Trey - better known as Phish. One of my favourite bands, Phish has written a poem/song about three nipples, in response to a fan letter.

Mike and Trey and Page and Jon:
I have three nipples and seeing as you seem to like nipples and haven't written a nipple song lately would you write a song about me?

Dear Brett:
YES, here it is:

The best nipple is always the third
Like the triple nipple of the Coriander bird
Two's company; three's a crowd
But I bet that third one makes you proud
Where's that nipple, by the way?
Up top, below, or can't you say?
If I had three, know what I'd do?
I'd pierce it through to the other two.

Hooray for Brett! Hooray for Phish!

"Millie took the paper and sliced him on the nipple"
from the album Junta by Phish

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