Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Third Nipple Society?

Is your interest in superfluous nipples more than a passing fancy? Do you long to find a society of like-nippled individuals (or at least one indidvidual - the society doesn't look that large to me...) and communicate on some deep level that only those possessing that somewhat-misplaced "third eye" can? If this page isn't enough for you, there is a club you can join. Here it is. A sample from their website:

"It is, at the end of the day discrimination to laugh at our genetic defect or whatever it is that gives us an extra nipple and Human Rights comes in to play. Yes its serious stuff."

Personally, I disagree with this poorly punctuated statement on at least two levels. Firstly, I don't consider it a defect at all. I prefer "exceptionality." Secondly, it's a load of codswallop. (Did I spell codswallop correctly? I really don't use that word too often but hey, this is a family page.) I mean, if a three-nippled person can make it as an underwear model, then there aren't too many other occupations that really call for only two nipples.

People, it is not discrimination to laugh. Get a sense of humour. In the words of that legendary three-nippled clown, "Now kids, let's go and see Sideshow Mel for some more of his legal, over the counter wake-up drugs!"

UPDATE: Sadly, the Third Nipple Society is now nothing more than a 404 File Not Found Error. If you're still looking for something to join, try one of the Facebook groups for people with superfluous nipples.

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