Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spotted Nipples

Extra nipples are not often mentioned in polite conversation. Actually, even in rude conversation, third nipples rarely pop up. As a result, finding fresh information about superfluous nipples is not as easy as it sounds, in case it sounded easy to you. You'd think that with about one in eighteen people having one, you'd hear more about them. Sadly, many people keep it hidden away. Doing my part to keep it real, here's what I've found today.

Third Nipple is an avant-garde band with a CD for sale at CDBaby.

Someone else has an information page about superfluous nipples.

What is The Third Nipple? There. Now you know.


Anonymous said...

Hi.Im a 19yr old female. I have 3 nipples and im extremely ashamed about it. Although its quite small i could die when people ask me if it is a third nipple. Im thinking of getting it removed, I tried scratching it off, didnt work tho.I hate it so much! Is there any particular reason why only some people have them and is it a deformity?

Dread Pirate Robert said...

Hi there and thanks for visiting.

First of all, Do NOT scratch it off! It will leave you with a nasty-looking scar that can't really be fixed.

If you are determined to get rid of your exceptionality, your doctor will either excise the little guy himself or send you to a dermatologist who can remove it as easily as a mole.

That being said, I love my third nipple. I understand it's different if you're a woman, and perfect breasts are your thing (hey, I like them too!) but remember that about one in twenty people have one. It's no more a "deformity" than Cindy Crawford's mole. At least it's not on your face!

There's no real reason why some people have them and some don't, it's just kind of an evolutionary throwback to the time when our ancestors had more than just the one pair.

I know several people with superfluous nipples myself, and have heard from many more through this blog. We'd have to kick you out of the club if you cut it off. Marky Mark kept his, and don't you want to be cool like him?

Seriously, if it's something that brings you deep shame and embarrassment, you have to do what you think is best. I believe that everyone has things about their body they're not perfectly satisfied with but learning to love yourself -- despite body image issues -- is what's most important in the long run.

My third nipple is great. I had it pierced. (What else are you going to do with it?)

Anonymous said...

I have a third also.It is awsome,Im really proud.We are the chozen.Men really like it also,hehe