Sunday, October 02, 2005

X-tra Nipple

First Phish, now the Ass Ponys.
On their album Some Stupid With a Flare Gun (2000) the Ass Ponys have a song called X-tra Nipple.

scatman crothers he and i are brothers
he’s got an x-tra nipple and i’m fascinated

that moms mabley i heard she had a baby
it’s got an x-tra nipple and i’m fascinated

i’m so fascinated by these special people

frank langella he’s my kind of fella
he’s got an x-tra nipple and i’m fascinated

bo-bo-barigmy chicks they really dig me
i’ve got an x-tra nipple and they’re fascinated

here’s my folded finger church and here’s the steeple
i’m so fascinated by these special people

So, to bring us up to date on our list of people with extra nipples, it looks like Scatman Crothers, Frank Langella, and Moms Mabley are all in the club. I'm sure that Chuck Cleaver of the Ass Ponys did his homework. Better add him to the third nipple list too.

Moms Mabley

I haven't found anything to confirm that Moms Mabley had three nipples (or that her children did - the song lyrics are a bit obscure) but I'll put it up here in hopes that someone can give me more data. She still holds the record for the biggest selling comedy album by a woman ever.

For background info on Moms Mabley, click here, and here.

Frank Langella

Again, the song says he has a third nipple, but I couldn't personally say. Frank has had a great career in some wonderful roles: Dracula, Zorro, Sherlock Holmes, Skeletor. Next up is Perry White in the new Superman movie.

More facts on Frank Langella are here and here.

Scatman Crothers

Scatman Crothers? I didn't know that he and I were brothers! Cool. Tragically axed by Jack Nicholson in The Shining (What a shock! He lives in the book!), he is also the voice of Cool Cat in The Aristocats and the supercool Hong Kong Phooey. Also Jazz in The Transformers, but that's not nearly as cool. More facts on Scatman Crothers (still no confirmation on that superfluous nipple) are here and here.

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Dread Pirate Robert said...

To clear up any confusion: the "first" in this post refers to me discovering the information. Phish wrote their song in 2003, The Ass Ponys released theirs in 2000. Amazing I didn't find it sooner.