Monday, October 31, 2005

Season of the Witch

Happy Halloween everybody!

Just a friendly reminder to all of you dressing up as witches: do not forget that most important accessory, the third nipple, or witch's tit. Yes, your costume is not complete without that extra nipple you use to nurse your familiar. Of course, if you're going to a party where the subject is not likely to come up, I suppose you could forego it, but you'd know. And you'd only be cheating yourself.

Full information on marks of a witch (including superfluous nipples) is here in case you're going for full realism this year. My older post on extra nipples being the Devil's Mark has some more info too.

Hope you have a great Halloween - this year I'm dressing as a three-nippled freak!


abbiapple said...

That witch would totally have given me a chubby, if I'd been born with boy parts.

The Diaper Dame said...

But... but... you ALWAYS dress as a three-nippled freak!