Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Nipples of the Devil

Are third nipples evil? Do superfluous nipples necessitate trafficking with the underworld? Apparently a lot of people used to think so. These days, I hope we're a little more enlightened.

The stats I read say that about one in 18 people has an extra nipple. That's someone in every class you've ever been in. I think that's pretty high, considering how avidly I keep track of things. Even considering that people with three nipples don't usually shout it from the rooftops (a trend which I hope to reverse) I'd still say it's closer to 1 in 50. Maybe I should stick a survey up on this site...

As far as evil goes, there's a link in the headline about "The Nipples of the Devil." I found a 15th century painting showing the tribulations of St. Anthony as he is beset by some devils. Yikes! Those crazy medieval painters and their wacky imaginations.

In the painting, there is one little devil with several extra nipples. Many more than three, as you can see. And they're not superfluous either! As we all know, a third nipple is used to nurse the devil's or witch's familiar. This guy must have a whole litter.

I've always felt special because of my three nipples. Now I just feel inadequate. Sigh.

Still, I got something out of this painting. When I first saw it, I thought it might have been Spanish in origin, and was thrilled to be able to call this post "Las Entrerroscas Del Diablo." I love the sound of that in Spanish. However, after tracking down this link I learned the painting was Belgian in origin, even though I still don't know the name of the painter. Belgian, eh? So in French and German, it's either "Les Mamelons Du Diable" or "Die Nippel Des Teufels." Sorry, no Flemish on Babel Fish.


Cydney said...

Hmm, this is enlightening! I really enjoyed your site, unfortunately I am not able to claim membership to the elite society of people that have more than two nipples. Alas, I am ordinary.

Dread Pirate Robert said...

With a name like Cydney, you could never be ordinary.

Anonymous said...

i have a third nipple and allways thought ot was a mole . My mum said it was a third nipple but i didnt belive her untill i had a baby recently and it leeked milk . Weired but amazing i think