Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tilda Swinton is a Witch and I Can Prove it!

"Big News in the World of The Superfluous Nipple!"

Tilda Swinton, star of The Deep End, Adaptation, Vanilla Sky, Constantine, Thumbsucker, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, talks about a previously undocumented use for her superfluous nipple.
"I've always been very proud of it. I've used it to threaten my brothers my entire life."

This quote leaves me wanting more: What, exactly did she threaten them with? And are her brothers in therapy?

This is the perfect strorm of three-nipple news. Just the other day I pointed out that it's less likely to find third nipples in the news as it is find them in real life and what happens? A stunning revelation from a major star of an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster.

Yes, Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia is played by an amazing actress who just happens to have the devil's mark of an extra nipple. They used to burn them for that, now they pay them outrageous salaries to entertain us. Now that's progress.


leafygrass said...

I recall that she has a nude scene in the movie "Orlando", (based on the Virginia Woolf novel) perhaps her third nipple is visible ...
Pretty good movie, actually.

Anonymous said...

A model by the name Masuimi Max has two extra nipples, but they are removed in post-processing on all her photoshoots (or at least on those I have seen). Though, the "home video"-style movie clips are not post-processed and clearly show her extra nipples.
I don't really see why the nipples are removed from the pictures as she is the kind of person to be the least ashamed about something that her body has, so it must be a choice of the guys who do the photos and handle all the distribution and sale of the materials and stuff to make it appealing to all audiences and not to "shock" or "disgust" some less tolerant (or whatever) people.
So with that same thing in mind I wouldn't be at all surprised if the extra nipple in that movie was removed in post-processing (were talking about a Hollywood movie after all...).

Viagra Online Without Prescription said...

Dude, now I am extremely curious too. What did she have on her nipple? Maybe she was just kidding, I can't imagine her saying "boys, step back or I'll show you my nipple!"